On May 4th, the ADMANTEX2i Partnership – Advanced manufacturing and advanced textile materials going international to strengthen resilience and to empower industrial recovery, has organized a Cross-ESCP4i Best Practices for the internationalization SMEs webinar.

More than 20 attendees from different partnerships have participated in this activity with the aim:

  • To share knowledge, learnings and experience on internationalization activities developed in third countries (outside EU);
  • To share best practices and to discuss on common challenges and difficulties faced when approaching international markets;
  • To seek synergies between the partnerships for the implementation of internationalization activities in selected markets.

After a brief presentation of ADMANTEX2i project and an introduction of the different projects, the group was discussing and sharing experiences while they were working and writing their inputs on a Miro board to collect all the information.

The ADMANTEX2i consortium positively evaluates the participation and the implication of all the attendees, and they consider that was very insightful sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience.

In May 2023, ADMANTEX2i will organize another webinar that will focus on sharing the learnings and recommendations for the sustainability of the partnership and for future activities.