The project, ADMANTEX2i – Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Textile Materials going international to strengthen resilience and to empower industrial recovery , coordinated by the AEI TÈXTILS, the Catalan Advanced Textile Materials’ Cluster, has just started with funding from the COSME program from the European Commission under the Cluster Go International call. It started with its kick off meeting held virtually on May 20th 2021 and has a duration of 3 years.

ADMANTEX2i main objective is to lead international cluster cooperation in advanced manufacturing and advanced textile materials as an enabler for globally competitive sustainable functional products in a broad range of high-end applications.

The project strategic cooperation vision is that digitalization is key enabler for both sectors to boost circular economy business solutions to strengthen resilience and to drive the recovery growth and the economic opportunities of European SMEs.

Besides AEI Tèxtils, the ADMANTEX2i partnership integrates five additional clusters: ATEVAL in Valencia, The Portuguese Textile Cluster (CITEVE) and PRODUTECH in Portugal, EMC2 in France, and AFIL in Italy.

ADMANTEX2i will organize three business missions to United States, Asia and either Canada or Australia. During the first year of the project, the six clusters will work with their members to narrow down the market specifics and timing to increase the success and the impact for the companies.

ADMANTEX2i will provide a set of comprehensive support package to the SMEs members of the clusters, participating in the international missions, including coaching, agenda development, travel grant and support and technical assistance to capitalize the internationalization efforts.

ADMANTEX2i provides the continuity towards internationalization and the uptake of previous results on supporting its members in promoting cross-sectoral collaboration with advanced manufacturing and the digitalization of the textile sector.